Offshore Jacksonville has over 60 dive locations in depths of 50 to 160 ft.

Dive on wrecks, ledges, natural and artificial reefs from 10 miles to 50 miles offshore.

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Here are a few of the dive spots located offshore Jacksonville.

The Casa Blanca. A 365 ft wreck sunk in 1972 in 110 feet of water located 35 miles offshore.

The Drydock. Approximately 600 ft length and 120 ft width. Depths from 100 to 130 ft.

The Coppedge Tug. A 103 ft tug sunk in 1988 in 80 ft of water located 20 miles offshore.

The Hudgins. A 150 ft freighter sunk in 1987 in 105 ft of water located 21 miles offshore.

EF area has reefs, ledges and the Gator Bowl Press boxes from 75 to 85 feet.

Nine Mile. Several wrecks in 75 feet of water located 10 miles offshore.

The Anna. A 225 ft freighter sunk in 1986 in 110 ft of water.

There are many other wrecks and reefs nearby with lots of marine life.